Legal Tool Helped Vegas Gunman Shoot 400+ Rounds/Minute

Stephen Craig Paddock, the man who opened fire on a country music concert from the 32nd floor window of his hotel room in the MGM Grand, had no criminal record, and he legally obtained the 23 weapons, and thousands of rounds of ammunition, he used to commit the deadliest shooting in U.S. history.

One of the reasons his attack was so deadly was because of a totally legal device that allows gun nuts like Paddock to circumvent gun safety laws.

The state of Nevada does not license gun owners, require that gun owners register their weapons, limit the number of firearms a person can possess or purchase in one sale, or impose any sort of waiting period on purchases. Anyone who is at least 18 years old can buy and own a lethal weapon.


Even worse, Nevada allows the sale of high-capacity magazines, as well as high-caliber firearms and cartridges, including military style weapons that are designed for war – not for self defense.

One of the few restrictions Nevada does place on gun owners is in regards to automatic weapons, which allow shooters to discharge multiple rounds with one squeeze of the trigger. But Paddock was able to use a totally legal device to get around that limitation, and kill at least 59 people, and wound hundreds more.

Called a ‘bump stock’, it takes the place of the standard shoulder stock of a rifle, and bumps the weapon forward into the shooter’s trigger finger, allowing them to discharge rounds far more rapidly than normally would be possible by pulling the trigger to fire one round at a time. This automated process allows shooters to fire at a rate of 400 – 800 rounds a minute.

America doesn’t need ‘thoughts and prayers’.  We need action.

If you want Congress to do whatever it takes to stop mass shootings in our country, comment yes and share!

Image Credit: Boston Globe. Changes: cropped, resized, text added. Original Here.




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