University Sued Over Ties to Koch Brothers

The George Mason University is facing a lawsuit based on violating public records law. Augustus Thomson, a current undergraduate, filed the complaint on May 26 looking for information regarding agreements the University might have made when it accepted donations from billionaires Charles and David Koch.

The students at George Mason University are concerned over the influence that donors like the Koch brothers have on academic freedom, research and curriculum as the result of their donations.

The George Mason University received $48 million from the Charles G. Koch Charitable Foundation between 2011 and 2014. Which makes the GMU the largest university recipients of donations in the last few years from Charles and David Koch.

The suit claims that the effort to obtain specific information regarding the donations from the University have been rejected.

The only comment available from the Koch Charitable Foundation was that The George Mason University is entirely independent when it comes to making decisions like selecting professors.

However, donations from the Koch brothers have caused controversy in the past. According to the Tampa Bay Times, the Koch Charitable Foundation was accused for conducting annual evaluations of professors.

Evan Johns with Appalachian Mountain Advocates in Charlottesville is representing the students from The George Mason University.

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