Trump: ‘I was a little bit surprised’ over backlash against Comey’s firing


Even though the public was shocked, President Donald Trump wasn’t expecting a strong reaction over his decision to fire FBI Director James Comey.

He told Fox News’ Jeanine Pirro:

“I guess I was a little bit surprised, because all of the Democrats, I mean, they hated Jim Comey,”

“They didn’t like him, they wanted him fired, or whatever, and then all of a sudden they come up with all these glowing reports. You know, look, it’s politics.”

Trump tried to defend his decision by comparing Democrats to “hypocrites” because of their previous criticism Comey regarding the Hillary Clinton’s private email server issue.

“It’s beyond being a hypocrite. You have these tremendous — the level of hatred toward him, especially during that period of time with Hillary Clinton where he gave her a free ride,” Trump said.

According to multiple reports, Trump and his administration had been surprised from the outrage over Comey’s firing.

Both Republicans and Democrats have publicly criticized Comey, which lead Trump and his administration to believe that the move would be a simple “win-win” without causing political explosion.

The real concern here is timing. Comey was dismissed while investigating whether Trump’s campaign had ties to Russia.

If, according to Donald Trump, the reason for firing Comey is directly connected to the way he handled the email investigation, he could have fired him months ago.

The President addressed questions over the timing in his interview with Pirro;

“Let’s say I did it on Jan. 20 … that would have been the big story as opposed to the inauguration. I was thinking about it then,” Trump said.

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