Trump Ignores Killings By American Nazis To Bash Media Instead!

The nation had to wait almost three days for President Trump to address the Portland incident.

You’ll probably thinking that he was too busy doing presidential things during that time. But it looks like that wasn’t the case, because he Tweeted 21 tweets during that time.

Compared with violent incidents that were related to Islamic terrorism, Trump’s response to the Portland incident was remarkably late.

One of the 21 tweets that he tweeted during the period of three day was regarding fake news:

But when he finally decided to address the Portland incident, he did it with the following generic Twitter statement on Monday morning:

This wasn’t really the message that the public was expecting for.

For example, this is how Trump responded to an EgyptAir plane went missing in May of last year.

His tweet regarding the Portland incident wasn’t exactly a message of an impassioned defense of peace, tolerance, and liberalism. He never mentioned the heroism displayed by the men who lost their lives to protect others.

It’s not a secret that Trump is a favorite among the white nationalist fringe, and that’s exactly why he had to address the Portland attack with more than just prayers.

According to TheGuardian, the suspect responsible for killing two men in Portland is in fact an American Nazi. He posted various white supremacist material online, including this video of him wrapped in an American flag, giving Nazi salutes.

One of his online activities included an open challenge to Nuremberg prosecutor Ben Ferencz to a future debate, with a quote; “I will defend the Nazis.”

But why is Trump not calling this out as Right-Wing Terrorism by American Nazis?

President Trump didn’t even mentioned right-wing terrorism in his tweet addressing the Portland killings.

When there is clearly an evidence that connects the suspect to domestic terrorism, why is Trump only referring to the victims as standing up to ” hate and intolerance” and cutting down the importance of these attacks?

Trump’s decision no to take a firm stand against right-wing terrorism will eventually make things worse.

Not long after the Portland incident, Republicans went after recruiting new members to the party through an “alt-right” rally in Portland supposedly carry out by a local white supremacist.

James Buchal, chair of the Multnomah County Republican party, shared the stage with Kyle ‘Based Stickman’ Chapman.

Chapman became a cult figure among the organization after waving a stick in a conflict with anti-fascist protesters in Berkeley.

According to an analysis done by The Washington Post, this is how long it took Trump to get around important news events.

The Washington Post

This is indeed an interesting insight into a president’s priorities.

Feature Image Source: Gage Skidmore



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