Tesla Is Doing Something HUGE For Puerto Rico!

Puerto Rico was devastated by Category 4 storm: Hurricane Maria, which caused widespread flooding and a power outage across the entire island, leaving homes and hospitals without power.

To help the ongoing relief efforts, Tesla is shipping hundreds of Powerwall battery systems to the island to restore electricity to the 3.5 million stricken residents. The system, which was first introduced in 2015, is designed to be a residential storage unit that can be charged using renewable energy sources, like solar panels.

Additionally, the CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk, has personally donated $250,000 to help the hurricane victims of Puerto Rico, according to Fortune.com.

This is only the most recent chapter in Tesla’s humanitarian efforts – following Hurricanes Irma and Harvey, Tesla unlocked more battery range for Model S and Model X vehicle owners, allowing them to make use of higher batter capacity and travel farther to take refuge from destructive winds and floods.

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Image Credit: AP Photo/Noah Berger. Changes: cropped, resized, text added. Original Here.



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