If You Want To Stop Him From Screwing Over 75 Million People, Comment Yes & Share!

If any plan could buy the 50 votes needed to repeal the ACA, this is it.

It’s brilliantly sinister and unethical, which is why it is so likely to work.

According to Think Progress, Graham’s strategy is to steal billions of dollars from 4 big blue states to then give to red states!

Here’s what smug Lindsey Graham has to say about his sinister plan…

“If you’re a Republican and you vote against [this bill], you got to explain to people back home why Washington knows better and almost every state except the four I have described do very well under this new approach..really believe we’re gonna get 50 Republican votes.” 

Sadly, it gets even worse!

Previous bills that eliminated funding for the ACA were estimated to result in coverage losses for 32 million people.

The Graham-Cassidy bill goes even further.

75 million poor and disabled Americans are covered by Medicaid, but they are going to be 100% screwed if the Graham-Cassidy bill passes.


Graham-Cassidy kills Medicaid!

Yep, you read that right. Medicaid eventually dies.



Ready to fight back?

If You Want To Stop Graham & Cassidy From Screwing Over 75 Million People, Comment Yes & Share!



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