American Boy Racially Abused By White Nationalist Group In Portland

While waiting at a bus stop, an Asian-American middle-schooler was harassed by racist men in Southeast Portland.

The incident happened on Thursday, when a group of men drove up in a car and started shouting racist slurs at the boy.

They called him a “n****r”, reported The Oregonian.

The group of men haven’t been identified yet, but other students were present during the incident.

The Hosford Middle School principal confirmed and addressed the issue by sending an email to parents, ensuring them that school officials will “maintain a school presence” at the bus stop until the school year is over.

The parents were notified that the incident occurred the same day that posters promoting the white nationalist group “True Cascadia” were seen around the neighborhood.

According to its website, the “alt-right” group aims to “stop the continuation of non-white immigration into our communities,”

Posters containing contact information for the Rose City Antifa were hung up overnight as well. Anti-fascist and right-wing groups confronted each-other, after the neo-Nazi stabbing incident after which two men lost their lives.

Homeland Security agents were reportedly assist by a right-wing militia member with the arrest of counterprotester at an alt-right rally in the city.

James Buchal, chairman of the Multnomah County Republican Party, asked the right-wing Oath Keepers militia to provide security at the rally that occurred on June 4.

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