292 Oil Spills in 2 Years In North Dakota: 1 Made Public

According to a report by The Associated Press, 292 oil pipeline spills occurred in North Dakota in less than two years.

The pipeline spills were seen as part of around 750 “oil field incidents” and only one was made public

Around 4,328 barrels worth of oil were estimated to have spilled in from January 2012 – September 2013.

The size as big as seven football fields was covered in approximately 20,600 barrels of oil from a pipeline burst connected to Tesoro Corp.

There was no need for the public to be informed, because the official line was that the spills had done no harm to water sources or local wildlife.

Only one single oil spill was reported to the public (the collision of an oil truck).

Even if these spills were fairly minor doing little or no damage to the environment, the public still deserves to know the truth.

According to the director of the North Dakota Department of Mineral Resources, they didn’t want to inform the public because they didn’t want to “overwhelm them by little incidents.”

But wheat farmer Louis Kuster disagrees; “it is absolutely important for us to know” about any spills that have happened.”

Having information about oil spills is vital for farmers. Even one single spilled barrel oil can ruin acres and acres of farmland if it is spilled in a particularly dangerous place.

“Right now, you don’t know if there is a spill unless you find it yourself,” said Kuster.

Feature Image Source: Ingrid Taylar



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